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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Need a light?

Ok just a quick firelands update. seems like bugs have minimal so far, planning on hitting the raid tonight and will get to see how that goes.but some quick notes so far

  • You only need around 80/115 of the hyjal quests to do the new dailys, which saved me about 2 hours of mind numbing quests.
  • The new patterns and BoE's have starting hitting the auction house. don't get too excited unless you have 40k sitting around.
  • The new quests have a decent bit of lore too them, but you'll be too busy avoiding horde to notice. i feel for anyone on a pvp server. mind your aoes
  • Doing the first call to arms on the hero board will net you a free mid grade cape. handouts are always good, and i like the purple look of mine.
  • Zomg stop reading and go play, just know the quests and dailys will limit your first day to a hour or so if you try hard. stupid blizzard making us work.
  • oh and most of em are rather easy, even in resto spec, so ya know, thanks blizz

more to come as i unlock it! see you in the firelands


  1. you should hit me up so we can go on a raid together.

  2. Guess it's time to grind out those daily quests on all my chars...