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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A second look at Shannox

OK, so most people have downed Shanny already. Good for you, awesome job! For those of you who haven't, and you know who you are, I offer some simple tips.

Most everyone knows the "pro" raid strat of checking the dungeon journal, and then watching the tanks spot video on the boss, and repeating EVERY SINGLE THING that they say/do in the video. Tankspot is a great resource, but there guides tend to focus on 25-man raids, and we all know 10 mans can be different.


What we've all been told about shanny is to take down his doggys simultaneously, that way you don't get stuck with shanny zerking on your tank. But you see, rage face is a bastard, and if your dps and heals aren't on top of him, some one will die. We were having this issue, with rage face just devouring us in the chaos of traps and spears. So we tried a different approach, Burn his ass. by burning rageface you control the damage he would be spreading around your group by having your shannox tank take 30% more damage. Yea, that sounds like a lot, but is easy without Rageface running around.

After RF goes down, get shannox settled around 35% health before killing riplimb, so his uber zerk only last a few seconds while your dps switch targets. We have had great repeated success with this strategy, and i'm confident it can work in your ten man raid group.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

PvP season 10 ohh-yea

They gave us fucking horns!
We knew it was coming, and for a few weeks now the battle has raged across all of Azeroth. Now i'll admit that this is the first season i am taking seriously. Most pvp i did was av and such, but for the last few weeks things have changed.

Being a resto druid in 2v2 arenas can be intense, but very rewarding. First off, forget everything you know about raid healing. Your still using the same heals, but in very different ways. The pvp gear leaves your usual stats very low, the idea being to gain Resilience instead. The debate can rage forever, but i like to have 3k at a minimum to have a chance in arenas. Do know you'll be getting focused on ALL THE TIME if your opponents have a clue as to what they are doing, and the resil saves your furry ass more than anything else. Oh yea, your spec, going to have to change it, and pick up ability's you have sworn off. Pick your spec for what you think you'll use, but know the first time you miss a cyclone and get murdered because of it, your going to want to respec.

I've learned alot quick, and the info can be very overwhelming, so i'll just leave some quick pointers everyone should know.

This Spec Will make any raid healer cry, and rightfully so

  • Swiftmend/cyclone can stop more damage then sw/healing touch will give, use it or fail.
  • Never forget nature's grasp, it can piss many a melee dps off, and is one of our few ccs
  • using entangling roots and then line-of-sight'ing casters is very effective.
  • use Skull bash when a healing is hardcasting. this stops the cast and any heals for 4 seconds.
  • "Wait, i need to use feral abilities"  Yessir, open with pounce, keep bash and skull bash handy if you want to truly dominate. using all of your utility's is the only way to prevail.
  • Cyclone can be cast 3 times on one target before they become immune, use it to shut down/interrupt healers, kinda all we got.
  • Immunity only lasts a minute or so, so keep using cyclone all through the fight
  • Don't get your four-piece bonus, get the 2 piece bonus from the boomkin gear for free resilience.
  • ^That

Big sexy heals

More to come as i learn more, the last 2 weeks have been crazy busy raiding and working and having a social life. I'll get back on updates for everyone.