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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Preparing for change

Afro tree, he makes my eyes bleed
Oh change, us resto druids are used to it. Sometimes it's good, like buffing tanq in 4.1, and at other times, not so much (see picture). One thing is sure, our class and play style is always changing. We're still healers, still stack life blooms, but i have a itsy bitsy feeling that 4.2 will drasticlly change our stat priority, and heal rotation. Blizzard is making a huge effort to make our Mastery usefull with this patch, and all healers will be re-contemplating crit as a usefull stat, bliz is making our critical heals 200%, up from 150%. So Everyone throw there hands in the air like afro-hot over there and celebrate 200% crits, even you priests and pallys. 

 most mages when facing change.
Ok so healers are getting buffs, and us druid are getting the cherry on top with a new mastery. /Dance your ass off cause the next bit stings. All of our stat priority and BIS gear will be cluster fucked. Oh, we're you stoked about just getting your scepter o ice And how epicly-epic it is? and your BIS cape  from the twins?  Tough shit furry, until tree calcs come out your going to be flying solo, and god forbid, making your own decisions about gear and stat priority. "Oh shittith, i must make my own gear decisions" Yup, but it should be easy as cake for us, why? Leather, and spirit, no one, mofo'ing no one, uses spirit leather, cept for maybe that bastard critchicken who will try to need roll on your gear. Fuck him, those are YOUR your boots. If your GL doesn't share that sentiment, time for a new guild.

^ Just spent 12k on valor boots,
then was told they'll cost JP next week
Every new Tier brings the same anger. Your 359/372 gear will no longer be the hot shit come Tuesday. Raid leaders will quote Elitist jerks while inspecting you, not realizing no one has updated it yet. Hell some shammys will probably get smart and think there better then you. Screw em, we're resto druids, not only the most op class in the game, the most op spec of the most op class in the game (excluding mages). With any luck the new raids will be a hair easier then tier 11 was when it first it, not that it was all too hard for me or others. Should be safer then a nerf fight after we figure out the insta kill mechanics and healing assignments. Oh, and that whole how to play our class thing, that'll be fun figuring out, keeps the game fresh, just don't get comfy until all the hot fixen is done.

Lore, the mighty fro bearer from Tank spot has said 4.2 is slated for this Tuesday, bringing with it a quarter-ton of change, new content, and a whole fricking new Tier. Could be an additional week, but either way, it's a coming. If after 4.2 we get nerfed and actually have to try to heal, well, we're druids, I personally have thought of a aquatic form re-spec, but critchicken is there too for the healing impaired.

old TOL sees the change coming,
 his face should tell us all we need to know.


  1. Yeah, my friend is a mage and he is such a retard when it comes to changing.

  2. Sigh, I just looked at the 4.2 patch notes. Priests get a whopping 3 changes, and none of those healing related.

  3. Cant really say anything since I dont have this game

  4. Love the captions and sorry about the 12k spent on potential JP'ed items.