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Monday, June 20, 2011

Resto Druid Pre-firelands BIS

Let Me know what you guys think of the new look!

Ok, so i said it was pointless to do one of these, but i still found myself typing it out. This is  best-in-slot list for heading into firelands. I'm linking the 359 gear, but go ahead and assume that the 372 heroic gear is better. At this point you should be sitting with plenty of spirit, and haste to hit all the extra ticks. With the new mastery reforging spirit or haste might be more beneficial, i'll update this to reflect that after the patch goes live, until then just save your Justice points and run BWD one more time if you are still missing gear.

Stormrider's Helm- BIS, esp when it completes your 4-piece bonus
Helm of the Blind Seer-Great sub until you are able to grab a head token

Valiona's Medallion- Offers haste and Mastery, use this if your comfortable with your spirit, if not use Wyrmbreakers Amulet.

Drape of the Twins-Great stats, but all of the 359 capes are very good, the true BIS will depend on your other gear.

Stormrider's Mantle-Obviously awesome shoulders are obvious. haste,spirit, and a four piece bonus.

Scorched Wormling Vest- Considering our Tier chest doesn't have spirit, this is our bis, but use the tier chest if it is the difference between getting your 4-piece bonus or not.\

Manacles of the sleeping beast- Only leather wrists with spirit, and they drop off the heal check that is chim

Lightning Lash
Easily obtained from The AH or a leather worker, Al'Akir has a drop chance on a "of the undertow" belt, it offers a slighlty better mix of stats  but is much harder to obtain.

Relic of Eonar-Choose between which valor relic will fit your gear better, i like this one.

Trinkets & Rings
DC:Tsunami-Awesome for almost every healer, but they can be a little pricey, watch for that to change with the new patch
Fall of Mortality-Core of Ripeness I like any other trinket that has int and spirit on it, the automatic procs and used procs equal out the same, just depends on if you want to control the up time.
For rings grab whatever you can, they are a great spot to cut spirit if you have enough and pick up more haste & mastery. avoid hit and crit if possible.

Main Hand
Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King- Running MH/OH as opposed to staves currently nets us about 30 more int for a equal bit of secondary stats, only use staves if moving from 346.
Incineratus- Easily obtained from magmaw, great alt to andoros.

Scepter of Ice- Looks cooler then heart bound tome, and alot cheaper then farming the AH

Shoes/Gloves/legs-obvious choices for these three, if you don't have them already get em
Fading Violet Sandals
Stormrider's handwraps
Stormrider's Legwraps

*Do note, this is a rough guide, always work with what you have to get the best output. This is a rough guide and should only serve as reference. All of the gear that costs valor ATM will cost JP next patch, so cap out.

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  1. Very informative, thanks for the info!

  2. That's some badass gear, both function and form.

  3. I really like the character, looks awesome.

  4. Great post, don't particularly like the build, but that's my preference.

  5. Thanks for sharing man. Will check it :D

  6. I so need me a scepter of ice, it could be so handy when going shopping to the mall!