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Friday, June 17, 2011

New 4.2 notes

Hot off the ptr and blizz's website is the new 4.2 changes.

Round of applause please. Thanks bliz!

So, the long awaited mastery change. Harmony is sounding pretty dang impressive to me, considering how many times we cast HT,nourish, and regrowth. oh whats that, still helps the hots? would not be surprised to see it nerfed a little. This is going to change a lot for us, or at least in spell priority and our rotation. Persona''y i can't wait to see how this works out for us. Lets not forget we're getting 200% critical healing in 4.2 also, i would not be surprised to see druids going through a major stat rebuild. mastery and crit, our two "worst" stats, are both getting a huge boost. I personally can't wait for firelands, rumor is this Tuesday we'll get to see it go live, to be followed by numerous hot fixes. 
Symbiosis (Mastery) has been removed and replaced with Harmony. Harmony increases direct healing by an additional 10%, and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds. Each point of mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are considered direct healing spells for the purposes of this Mastery. All other healing from druid spells is considered periodic.

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  1. Oh man, Druids are going to be able to heal during Chimaeron when he becomes old content!

    Haha sucker. They should have added this a long time ago.

    Mastery should be good for every class. It looks like Blizzard has realized that, and it's a good thing this is coming now rather than half way through Firelands.

    Imagine having to reforge/gem all of your gear, and all of those 'minor upgrades' which would have been major upgrades. Hehe