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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raid healing in 4.1, 10 man vs 25 man

When people talk about raid healing as a resto druid on forums, those people are almost always playing the content in the role of raid healing 25 man content. In that role, stacking haste over mastery makes the most sense, while your dropping hots on your dps and healers, you want the most ticks as possible. Almost every guide says that is THE only way to heal in a raid, but i beg to differ.

With great success i have been running 10 man regular raids, with out stacking haste to the magical 1600/2200 mark, how? Tank healing and dividing up hast and mastery. Our "horrible" mastery is useless in the role of healing 25 people with one HoT, but in the role of healing a single tank (hopefully a pally) we can use the true potential of our mastery. lifeblooms, stacked with our other two HoTs, regrowth and and rejuv, offer maximum healing per tick. ideally you would stack haste to the 1600 mark, with buffs, and then focus on mastery. this gives us the most ticks off of our hots, and allows us to gain 25% or more healing from each with our mastery. This set up also allows us to cover our group with wildgrowth and rejuvs when needed, as long as the player makes sure to STACK his spells, casting them one at a time wastes your mastery.

I found that set up the key to defeating nef. In the fight i was assigned to the add tank, and being able to get 25% more healing effect while stacking my spells saved my ass. Having an exceptional tank didn't hurt either. From attempt to attempt, i found splitting my hast and mastery to offer more mana to help out the raid with, and still keep your tank up. oh, and 8 other good people helps alot too.


  1. Disc priest was fun on this fight, preshielding crackles and smitespamming all the way.

  2. Druid is not my favorite, but it's obvious you know what you're talking about. Very informative.

  3. Looks like your own merit. Don't be so modest. :)

  4. Nefarian is a fun fight when nobody has an issue with the lava rising, or teleporting through the ground with blink.

    I think Nef hates mages.

  5. I love the Nef fight on my hunter. I've been trying to get into raid healing with my shaman, and most of the stuff they say about shaman are also only true for 25 man content.

  6. Yah seriously, it looks like you have some real skills (or maybe just luck) if you were able to pull off something like this. Take credit for you work!